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Visa Europe Launches PCI DSS Compliance Programme
Published on Feb 10, 2011

Digital forensics and incident response specialists Foregenix is working with Visa Europe to deliver a series of educational and training webinars.

The 45 minute webinars have been devised to help acquiring banks, financial institutions and merchants understand how using cardholder data discovery solutions, such as FScout, can help in their quests to become PCI DSS compliant. The first educational session will be held on 25th February 2011 at 11.00 (GMT) and will be hosted by Andrew Mulvenna of Visa Europe and Benj Hosack, director of Foregenix.

The webinars follow the announcement by the PCI Security Standards Council of PCI DSS version 2.0. The new version of the standard reinforces the need for businesses to have an accurate and regular methodology in place for finding and securing unprotected and legacy cardholder data to accurately define their PCI scope, and more importantly, to reduce their risk.

“We are delighted to be working with Visa Europe on this initiative”, says Benj Hosack, director of Foregenix. “Far too often companies are at risk of expensive security breaches because they are not fully aware of the data residing on their systems. Through the webinars we hope to be able to provide practical guidance on how businesses can determine and reduce the scope for their PCI DSS compliance programmes by identifying, then encrypting or securely removing hidden or unprotected ‘rogue’ cardholder data.”

“Visa Europe has led in terms of PCI compliance in Europe and is committed to working with all parties in the payment system to ensure greater levels of security, to reduce the risk of data compromise and to help organisations become PCI DSS compliant”, adds Stanley Skoglund, SVP of Payment System Risk, Visa Europe. “Through these educational webinars we hope to assist the industry as a whole to understand how they can identify and monitor unprotected cardholder data within their business.”**

Vendor name: Visa Europe
Product type: Compliance and Regulations | Learning Management | Risk Management

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