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Vaultium and Bunker know how to secure data in the cloud
Published on Feb 07, 2011

Vaultium, European secure online file sharing and collaboration solution provider, is warning that businesses risk falling foul of UK and European legislation should they choose to store sensitive information in the public cloud.

Public cloud providers offer no specific guarantees on the physical location of their servers, which could, according to the EU commissioned report, lead to sensitive data being stored at locations that contravene current legislation, such as the Data Protection Act. With cloud computing being the number one technological priority for the coming 12 months and the rise in the number of public cloud providers such as Google, Dropbox and others, Vaultium is advising caution when it comes to choosing a cloud based storage provider.

According to Vaultium, many cloud providers’ storage facilities could be compromised by uncertainly over location – business data stored in the public cloud can be stored in any number of countries, often in the US, as well as other legal jurisdictions, which can contravene European legislation. The EU has suggested that government agencies should only deploy public cloud services for applications that do not process sensitive data.

May Ladd, CEO and Founder, Vaultium, says: “As businesses look to adopt cloud based services, they really need to ensure they understand where their data is actually stored. It’s all about location, location, location. An ultra-secure solution, located in a private cloud, with a fixed, UK or European location, is the only way to address the potential for security fears or breaches of legislation that could result from public cloud usage.”

Vaultium, in partnership with the Bunker, Europe’s secure data centre, provides a private cloud solution that offers secure, easy to use, highly scalable long-term information and document management ‘vaults’. The feature rich package includes secure sharing of information with users outside of the organisation, the ability to hold any file type of any size, advanced searching capabilities, and records management and compliance features, suitable for all kinds of businesses.

May Ladd, CEO adds, “Our company’s success is based on providing an ultra secure and confidential means to store, manage and share information, with our servers based in the UK at The Bunker. By adopting the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, we’re able to be compete favourably on price, with customers avoiding the costly capital outlay associated with traditional on premise solutions.”***

Vendor name: Vaultium Bunker
Product type: Cloud Computing Solutions | Compliance and Regulations | Connectivity | Data | Data Management | Data Warehousing | Database Solutions | Document Management | Image, File and Forms | Infrastructure | Integration | Reporting | Risk Management | Security / Firewall

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