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TrakSoft LLC

Provider Description:

TrakSoft LLC

TrakSoft, LLC is a growth-oriented Professional Systems Development and Consulting Firm with international reach. We have our own technology and tools specializing in professional systems development, internet services, and consulting. TrakSoft, LLC is a spin-off from our nation-wide Information Technology Consulting Company, established in 1990.

TrakSoft LLC’s growing list of clients include private companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the general public. Our clients are located throughout the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Egypt, and other countries. Our clients span a broad range of industries, to include government, health and medical, legal, transportation, public utilities, entertainment, retail, airline, and several others.

Our flagship product, Contract Analyst, is a comprehensive, flexible, full-featured, and intuitive Contracts Management System. It features step-by-step procedures to guide you through the full contracting process; from initial analysis to awarding, managing, and closing the contract. This product includes a powerful e-mail alert system, total user customization, ad hoc report writer, a full year of unmatched product support, and realistic pricing. We employ a Site Licensing Model – one low purchase price for the entire enterprise, no matter the number of users. Here are the benefits of using this product:

* Quickly get and maintain control of all your contracts.
* Simplify and streamline your contract management processes and control.
* Identify and reduce contract management risks.
* Never miss an important contract date, deadline, or milestone.
* Greatly improve the accuracy of contract information and reporting.
* Improve the management of contract budgeting, billing, and expenditures.
* Enhance and simplify pre-contract award processes.
* Implement quickly.


Contract Analyst


Company type Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Inception 1990
Specific geographical coverage Australia , Egypt , Portugal , United States , Belgium , New Zealand , Turkey , Canada , United Kingdom
Geographical coverage Global


Branch 1

Country United States United States United States United States
Address line PO Box 560203, , Rockledge, 32956 Contract Analyst, , ,
Telephone (with country code) +1 407-802-5703
Web address
E-mail address


Country United States United States
Contact name Gary Harris
Telephone number +1 407-802-5703

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