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Teleinvest International AG

Provider Description:

Teleinvest International AG

Top solutions for electronic trading and automated securities management.
You trade any type of instrument on any market place, based on our proprietary platform system, and master the corresponding instrument data at every moment.

We help banks and other financial actors to stay above the crowd with high performance software products and above average service quality.

Are you looking for performance, reliability, experience in trading technology?

Try PREDATOR – The Fatal Weapon !

Teleinvest designed and built its proprietary technology at a time when electronic securities trading started, in the mid 1990’s. It has been focusing ever since on this subject only. We believe that vital qualities of a trading system, like stability, reliability, performance and modularity can only be guaranteed if the technology used is controlled 100% in-house. We keep investing in the necessary know-how of our own and experienced specialists in the fields of real-time transaction, securities trading, capital markets, mathematics and computer science.

Product positioning: in front of the trader

Teleinvest is in the business of offering top trading applications and linking buy-side, sell-side and proprietary trading with the electronic market places.

Our platform includes all vital components: OMS/EMS, STP, DMA, SOR, Algo, FIX-connections, feed handlers, market views, trading automates (for market making, arbitrage, basket trade, program trade), central order book, position keeping, risk control, audit trail, graphics and more.


Predator – The Fatal Weapon


Company type Sole proprietorship
Annual turnover not communicated
Number of Customers Total not communicated
Number of Employees 70
Inception 1995
Specific geographical coverage Canada , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Italy , Luxembourg , Singapore , Switzerland
Geographical coverage Asia , Europe , North America


Country Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Address line Teleinvest International AG, Landstrasse 25 , Ruggell, Li-9491
Telephone (with country code) +423 373 06 30
Web address
E-mail address [email protected]


Country Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Contact name Joseph Kuettel
Contact Job Title Director sales & marketing
Contact address Teleinvest International AG, Landstrasse 25 , Ruggell, Li-9491
Telephone number +423 373 06 30
Email Address [email protected]


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