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Tech Data Announces Enhancements to
Published on Nov 15, 2010

Tech Data Corporation, a distributor of technology products, announced two significant enhancements to that solve many of the long-standing, complex issues associated with special bid pricing in the channel.

First, Tech Data is capturing all vendor special bid pricing promotions available to resellers and making that pricing available on at the point of purchase. Second, Tech Data created the Promotion Search Tool, which enables resellers to track all active special bid pricing available to them and their end-user customers.

“Special bid pricing has been one of the channel’s biggest challenges for many years,” said Tech Data Senior Vice President, U.S. Marketing Joe Quaglia. “Investments in our internal IT systems and enhancements to make it possible for us to bring an innovative, best-in-class solution to the channel. We are making it easier for resellers to access, track and apply special bid pricing promotions available to them, and we are helping vendors better communicate special pricing to partners. Our solution saves time, is a powerful lead-generation tool and ensures SMB resellers are as competitive as possible on pricing.”

Competitive Advantage For Users

More than 30,000 active special bid pricing promotions are currently being tracked on These include broad pricing promotions granted by vendors to help partners target specific vertical markets like healthcare, government and education, as well as custom pricing unique to an individual end user—available through their resellers—such as a hospital, university or large enterprise.

“Tech Data’s new special bid pricing promotion capabilities provide a clear competitive advantage for Lexmark partners purchasing our solutions on,” said Gil Covey, Lexmark Distribution Account Manager. “We want our partners to be as competitive as possible in the marketplace. To do so, they need to make the most of the special bid pricing available to them. Tech Data has delivered an innovative solution to help them do that.”

On, products listed under search results or added to the online shopping cart are now available with associated special promotions resellers can instantly apply. Additionally, Tech Data’s online Promotion Search Tool—located under the tools menu on—enables resellers to view all special bid pricing promotions available to them. Resellers can search for special promotions by vendor name, product number, end-user name and market to review all bids assigned to their account by Tech Data’s vendor partners.

Promotion Search Tool Delivers Powerful Lead Generation

In addition to providing a convenient way to search and identify these opportunities, the Promotion Search Tool is a valuable lead-generation resource for resellers. They can use it to call customers and notify them of available special pricing. Resellers also can use the market search function to identify special promotions for end users in the healthcare, government and education sectors, enabling them to present the most competitive bids when pursuing new sales opportunities.***

Source: Business Wire

Vendor name: Tech Data Corporation
Product type: BPM | Data | Infrastructure

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