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Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

Provider Description:

Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated

Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated (SYKES) is a provider of outsourced customer contact management solutions and services in the business process outsourcing (BPO) arena. The Company provides an array of customer contact management solutions to a range of clients. It serves its clients through two geographic operating regions: the Americas (United States, Canada, Latin America and Asia Pacific) and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The Company’s Americas and EMEA groups primarily provide customer contact management services (with an emphasis on inbound technical support and customer service), which includes customer assistance, healthcare and roadside assistance, technical support and product sales to its client’s customers. These services are delivered through multiple communications channels, including phone, e-mail, Web and chat.


RETAIL BANKING SYKES Health Information Services
Wireless solutions


Company type Corporation
Annual turnover undisclosed
Number of Customers Total more than 1000 companies
Number of Employees undisclosed
Inception 1977
Geographical coverage Global


Country United States United States
Address line 400 North Ashley Drive, Tampa , Tampa, FL 33602
Telephone (with country code) 813-2741000
Fax 813-2734545
Web address
E-mail address [email protected]


Country United States United States
Contact name Investor Relations
Contact Job Title Investor Relations
Contact address 400 North Ashley Drive Tampa, FL 33602 United States
Telephone number 813-2741000
Fax 813-2734545
Email Address [email protected]


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