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Provider Description:


SD is transforming the world of derivatives by introducing transparency to all major traded derivative classes including foreign currency, interest rates, equities, commodities, energy and credit. Providing prices that reflect the interdealer market has led the company’s web-based, market-calibrated solutions to be widely accepted as the benchmark for derivatives pricing.

Trading professionals on both the buy and sell side benefit daily from SD’s unique combination of unbiased, aggregated market data and sophisticated modelling techniques. The company also provides fully-fledged risk management solutions, award winning derivatives data and independent portfolio revaluation services.

At the core of all the company’s solutions is SD’s extensively sourced and intelligently amalgamated market data, comprising true live market rates that are acid tested in real-time in the marketplace by active traders and run through a proven pricing model.

SD customers include leading banks, hedge funds, asset managers, custodians and hedge fund administrators in more than 60 countries, supported by a global network of SD offices with 24-hour support services.


Multi-Asset Pricing and Analytics Front Office Solutions
Risk and Position Management Revaluation and Compliance
Market Data


Company type Corporation
Annual turnover undisclosed
Number of Customers Total undisclosed
Number of Employees 400
Inception 2000
Specific geographical coverage United States
Geographical coverage Global


Country United States United States
Address line 7 Times Square, 35th Floor New York, NY 10036 US , ,
Telephone (with country code) +1-212-768-7871
Fax +1-212-768-7872
Web address
E-mail address [email protected]


Country United States United States United Kingdom United Kingdom
Contact name Head office, USA Head office, UK
Contact Job Title Head office, USA Head office, UK
Contact address 7 Times Square, 35th Floor New York, NY 10036 US 30 St Mary Axe, 33rd Floor (“The Gherkin” Building) London EC3A 8EP UK
Telephone number +1-212-768-7871 +44-20-7648-1050
Fax +1-212-768-7872 +44-20-7648-1051
Email Address [email protected] [email protected]


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