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SunGard’s MarketMap Integrated with Valdi and WealthStation
Published on Nov 29, 2010

Continuing to build synergies between its data management solutions and financial applications, SunGard has completed integration between its MarketMap global market data solution and its WealthStation wealth management and Valdi trading solutions.

This integration gives SunGard’s WealthStation and Valdi customers the ability to navigate MarketMap market data content seamlessly from within their respective applications. In addition, these bundled solutions – provided as MarketMap for Advisors and MarketMap for Traders – offer the capability to be customized to meet specific end-user data requirements.

Financial institutions are seeking more integrated, single-vendor solutions to help increase efficiencies and reduce costs. By combining MarketMap with either WealthStation or Valdi, SunGard is able to meet the need for continuous data in one integrated solution. Both MarketMap for Advisors and MarketMap for Traders come with a set of pre-configured, best practice, integrated processes that can be used out of the box or enhanced based on customer requirements. For example, MarketMap for Advisors gives advisors using WealthStation the ability to perform research on stocks in MarketMap and directly access client portfolios that include the stocks, or trade the stock via WealthStation’s trading component.

MarketMap for Traders provides Valdi users with access to charting and technical studies, fundamental data, order books, low-latency data and news directly from within Valdi’s trading solution.

Isabella Fonseca, research director at Celent, said in a 2010 research report on Market Data Needs for the Wealth Management Industry:

“Market data providers are addressing the need of wealth managers by redesigning their products to provide one source of information—all in one place. Market data is a key tool for firms to increase efficiency, make secure investment decisions, comply with regulations, use in long-term wealth planning and account management, develop new business leads or generate ideas, and facilitate customer communication.”

Fritz McCormick, senior analyst at Aite Group:

“The trade lifecycle depends upon the high quality data delivered to a variety of applications and users that need it to service clients, analyze trading opportunities, respond quickly to opportunities and to stay compliant. Solutions that integrate market data onto a single platform help users to improve productivity, decision making and service while helping firms to better automate workflow and reduce the amount of resources required.”

Robert Jeanbart, global head of market data and information services for SunGard’s global trading business:

“Traders and financial advisors need to be able to access information on particular financial instruments to meet their research needs, improve price discovery and enhance client service. MarketMap’s integration with Valdi and WealthStation provides customers with seamless access to market data alongside execution capability, offering a best-practice approach to more efficient processes and data delivery, helping to make their day-to-day jobs easier and more productive.” *

Vendor name: SunGard
Product name: MarketMap
Product type: Connectivity | Data | Data Distribution | Market and Reference Data | Trading Systems

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