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For years the mantra of “People, Process, Tools…” has been ingrained in our industry… those who try and implement spend lots of money, only to find that after a period of time these words of “wisdom” have to be revisited over and over….STOP the cycle of cash drain now!

No matter where you are within your IT Support Journey, ServiceSphere is an organization dedicated to grassroots information for the IT shop. We align ourselves with NO Service Desk Software Vendors as resellers and are proud to be Service Desk agnostic
ServiceSphere is different because we are a Team of world-class support professionals who have witnessed firsthand the perils of “Framework fatigue”, “Re-tooling”, and “Process paralysis”.
ServiceSphere approaches support in a completely different way. First, we are Thought Leaders; we pride ourselves in giving back to the support industry. Secondly, we have been in the trenches; we know what needs to be done to right the course. Finally, with our global coverage, you are never more than a phone call away from someone who understands. We not only can help, we will help!
ServiceSphere believes in people; our people, your people, all people, because we are here to end “business as usual”.


Company type Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Annual turnover $850,000
Number of Customers Total 15
Number of Employees 8
Inception 2008
Specific geographical coverage New Zealand , United Kingdom , United States
Geographical coverage Europe , North America , Australia


Country United States United States
Address line 2613 Cherry St, , Denver, 80207-3034
Telephone (with country code) 303-459-4083
Fax (303) 557-6190
Web address
E-mail address [email protected]


Country United States United States
Contact name Christopher M Dancy
Contact Job Title Founder and Vice President Sales and Marketing
Contact address 2613 Cherry St
Telephone number 303-459-4083
Fax (303) 557-6190
Email Address [email protected]


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