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RTS Realtime Systems

Provider Description:

RTS Realtime Systems

RTS delivers high-performance, end-to-end technology products and services across asset classes and continents to elite financial institutions. The firm is one of the world’s leading providers of ultra-low latency, robust algorithmic trading solutions, available with sophisticated pre- and post-execution risk management tools. Its innovative, advanced trading solutions reduce time to market and empower traders to realize their unique strategies.

RTS offers standardized low latency connectivity gateways, using FIX standard as well as proprietary messaging standard, for both orders and market data, to more than 120 exchanges worldwide. In addition, the firm provides proximity hosting and co-location services for high-speed, ultra-low latency access to more than 60 venues via its global data center network.

Clients include exchanges, investment banks, proprietary trading firms, brokerage houses, introducing brokers, institutional investors, hedge funds and statistical arbitrage groups. RTS has offices in Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore and Sydney.


RTD Tango RTD Tango Trader


Company type Partnership
Annual turnover undisclosed
Number of Customers Total Several thousand end users
Number of Employees 150
Inception 1992
Specific geographical coverage Australia , Austria , Belgium , Canada , Germany , Hong Kong , India , Italy , Korea , Mexico , Netherlands , Singapore , Taiwan , United Arab Emirates , United Kingdom , United States
Geographical coverage Global


Branch 1

Branch 2

Country Germany Germany United States United States Singapore Singapore
Address line European Headquarters with other offices in London and Amsterdam: , Rembrandtstrasse 13 , Frankfurt/Main, 60596 US Headquarters, with another US office in New York: 311 South Wacker Drive, Suite 980 , Chicago, 60606 Asian Headquarters with other offices in Sydney and Hong Kong: 30 Cecil Street, , Singapore, 049712
Telephone (with country code) +49 69 610 090 312-630-9006 +65 6595 0822
Fax +49 69 610 091 81 312-630-9679 +65 6536 3041
Web address
E-mail address [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


Country Germany Germany United States United States Singapore Singapore
Contact name Christian Zahm Salloum Abou-Saleh Vinesh Dinnoo
Contact Job Title Sales Director Sales Director Sales Director
Contact address Rembrandtstrasse 13, Frankfurt/Main 60596 311 South Wacker Drive, Suite 980, Chicago 60606 30 Cecil Street, , Singapore, 049712
Telephone number +49 69 610 090 312-630-9006 +65 6595 0822
Fax +49 69 610 091 81 312-630-9679 +65 6536 3041
Email Address [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]


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