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QuantX Automation Ltd

Provider Description:

QuantX Automation Ltd

QuantX is an innovative software and technology house, specializing in custom software solutions for the financial markets and computational finance. QuantX uses cutting-edge computing technology combining reduced time-to-market with high performance, QuantX offers development and consultancy services. With a background in quantitative trading and development, QuantX can translate your business needs into solutions.

If you are a startup, mature company or proprietary trader looking at an automated trading system for an extra edge from your all ready profitable manual strategy then QuantX can help you realize the full potential of your strategy or trading system.

• Market data feed integration, exchange connectivity and price distribution –Integration to real time market feeds, low latency order routing systems and exchange gateways using FIX and API connectivity. QuantX can also implement price distribution technology that enables hundreds of thousands of users to view prices in real-time.
• Algorithmic Trading – Implementation of standard trading algorithms or development of custom algorithms for your current system in order to enhance your trade, achieving better execution prices and reduce trading costs.
• Automated trading/Systematic Trading – Conversion of your existing manual trading strategy into a methodic automated system, allowing you to take advantage of more market opportunities quickly.
• Trading systems – Development of multi asset low latency, high throughput trading platforms for futures, options, spread betting. CFD, FX and binary.
• Development – Additions and modifications to your current system, examples including API, trading screens and integration of payment systems.
• GPU computing – QuantX can provide consultation and implementation of GPU technology into your organization, introducing speed improvements of up to 100x
• Consultancy – By evaluating your current system architecture, QuantX can advise on both improvements, taking hardware and software into consideration, leading to increased trading performance by optimizing current processes.


Company type Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Annual turnover $800,000
Inception 2009
Specific geographical coverage United Kingdom
Geographical coverage Global


Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Address line 4th Floor, 100 New Bond Street, Mayfair , London, W1S1SP
Telephone (with country code) +44(0)2076921724
Web address
E-mail address [email protected]


Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Contact name Paul Laight
Telephone number +44(0)2076921724
Email Address [email protected]

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