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Publishing Technology Launches Three New pub2web Websites
Published on Oct 28, 2010

Publishing Technology plc, the provider of software and services to the publishing industry, announced the launch of three new pub2web websites: PierOnline (for Sunmedia), the World Bank eLibrary, and the OECD iLibrary.

One of Publishing Technology’s core brands, pub2web provides custom web platforms, tailor-made to any business model and any type of content. Louise Tutton, Chief Operating Officer of Publishing Technology’s Scholarly Division, comments: “This trio of launches carries significant strategic importance for pub2web and represents the vast range of content types and functionality supported via the platform. With technology evolving at a rapid rate and new business models, such as Patron Driven Acquisition, emerging the pub2web platform combines a proven, industry standard base with sophisticated information commerce and semantic web technology, allowing publishers to experiment within a low risk environment at a pace that suits them“.

As pub2web’s most recent Go-Live, PierOnline (developed for Sunmedia) is Publishing Technology’s first venture into the Japanese market. PierOnline is host to 36 journals from 7 Japanese publishers and has a full Japanese language interface. The launch of the new PierOnline site marks the launch of the next generation product for Sunmedia, with additional features and benefits and a completely new look and feel. Sunmedia selected Publishing Technology as their technology partner as a result of our experience building multi-publisher and multi-lingual platforms.

Launching earlier this summer, the OECD iLibrary is the prime vehicle for disseminating the OECD’s intellectual output containing some 390 complete databases, 2,500 working papers, 5,500 books, 14,000 tables and graphs, 21,000 chapters and articles in a range of languages. The citation tool for such datasets and tables is new and unique to the OECD iLibrary. Universities, think tanks and governmental agencies – over 25 million potential users – are the primary users of the site which is available in both French and English interfaces.

Another brand to join the pub2web portfolio is the World Bank eLibrary, the authoritative source on international development. The eLibrary is the portal to full-text books, reports, journals, working papers and other formal documents from the World Bank, available for individual purchase as well as subscription-based download. Fully-indexed and cross-searchable, the eLibrary is a dynamic, growing collection which brings together more than 6,000 publications in one convenient online collection.**

Vendor name: pub2web
Product type: Banking Systems | Content Management System

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