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Phoenix Interactive Strengthens ATM Channel of BNZ
Published on Feb 25, 2011

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) was an early adopter of Phoenix Interactive’s VISTAatm™ multi-vendor, self service software platform and for more than a decade they have been using Phoenix’s Developer Workbench™ toolkit to deliver new and advanced functionality to their customers at the ATM channel.

Over a year ago, the Bank worked with Phoenix as a beta partner for the Commander™ suite of products, first focusing on the remote terminal management and asset tracking capabilities, followed more recently with the product’s customer centric and personalization capabilities.

“Commander allows us to leverage the capabilities of the VISTAatm platform; it provides the tools and technology we need to manage our ATMs centrally and cost-effectively,” says Paul Johnson, Channel Manager ATM, BNZ. “After our recent success in integrating Commander to improve availability, back-office reporting, and the accuracy of our asset information, we’re now pushing forward with Commander’s targeted marketing and advanced personalization capabilities to further improve the customer experience at our ATMs”.

“The enhanced customer experience will be made possible through Commander’s remote management tools that allow us to target and deploy relevant and timely content, product and account information, offers and even timely community information or alerts –all to a single ATM, a single customer, or to selected ATMs and groups of customers. We will be transforming the way we communicate and interact with our customers at the self service channel and we believe this will deliver significant value to our customers.”

Mark Elson, Phoenix’s Director of Product Management comments on BNZ’s initiative and the importance of personalized and relevant communication with valued customers. “BNZ has always been at the forefront of innovation and over the years has made groundbreaking advancements in their self service delivery channel, offering advanced functionality such as language preferences, personalized fast cash, foreign currency dispense and mobile phone top up. Enhancing their ability to respond rapidly to changing marketing demands and to meet the demands of an increasingly “techno-savvy” demographic is the logical next step for a visionary bank like BNZ. We believe personalized 1:1 communication is the key to building a positive brand image and improving customer loyalty, and we are proud to be working with BNZ as a partner who shares this vision. We are looking forward to seeing the results of BNZ’s newest initiatives.” ***

Mandate details
Provider Phoenix Interactive
Client Bank of New Zealand
Mandate value Undisclosed

Product name: Developer Workbench™
Product type: Budget | Business Intelligence | Cash Management | Communications | Compliance and Regulations | Connectivity | CRM Financial Software | Data | Infrastructure | Integration | Payment Systems / ATM | Reconciliation | Reporting

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