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Option Computers Ltd (DealHub)

Provider Description:

Option Computers Ltd (DealHub)

Based in London and New York, Option Computers Ltd (DealHub) is the leading global provider of STP and connectivity feed handling software to the FX markets through its flagship DealHub product. DealHub offers a comprehensive series of modular solutions for front, middle, back-office, compliance and treasury management for STP, manual ticket capture, FX options ticket parsing, deal-splitting, forwarding and archiving, printer replacement, overviews for real-time risk management & MIS, matching and netting, internal secure chat and dealing, dealing-code analysis, real-time control over algorithmic trading models executing on Reuters Dealing 3000 AQ and EBS Ai, price distribution, liquidity aggregation and prime brokerage give-ups.
External sources supported by DealHub include Reuters, EBS, Bloomberg, ICAP, multi-bank and single-bank platforms
DealHub is the only product on the market that offers true multi-platform merging of data and users include including UBS, JP Morgan, HSBC, BTMU, Wachovia, RBC, Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Danske and Deutsche Bank.


DealHub DealHub Connectivity Manager
DealHub DHView DealHub Conversation Analyser
DealHub Liquidity Aggregation DealHub Client STP Solutions
DealHub Printer Elimination DealHub STP FeedHandlers
DealHub Business Acitivty Monitoring


Company type Corporation
Number of Customers Total 20
Number of Employees 40
Inception 1985
Specific geographical coverage Australia , Bermuda , China , France , Hong Kong , India , Japan , Singapore , South Africa , United Kingdom , United States
Geographical coverage Global


Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Address line 53 New Broad Street, , London, EC2M 1JJ
Telephone (with country code) +44 207 382 4150
Web address
E-mail address [email protected]


Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Contact name Tim Finch
Contact Job Title Global Head of sSles and Marketing
Telephone number +44 207 382 4157
Email Address [email protected]

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