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Odyssey Financial Technologies Launches Its New Portfolio Risk Module
Published on Aug 31, 2010

Odyssey Financial Technologies, a global provider of front- and mid-office software for the Private Banking, Private Wealth Management and Asset Management sectors, announces that it has launched a new Portfolio Risk module to enable its clients to stand apart from competitors. Odyssey’s Portfolio Risk module is fully integrated with Odyssey’s private banking platform, Triple’A Plus™, and can be implemented in any version of the solution without the need to upgrade.

The new module is powered by X-ante, an independent product designed to calculate and analyse risk using a variance-covariance matrix methodology, developed by the Swiss company Fincell Consulting.

Odyssey’s Portfolio Risk module includes several industry-standard risk statistics, as well as back testing, what-if analysis and wealth projection tools. It empowers portfolio managers and advisors by providing them with the practical information they need to drive the investment process and analyse the risks associated with investing. As it is a fully packaged solution, the new module can be implemented very quickly and ensures a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Didier Pitton, VP Marketing Product Management, Odyssey Financial Technologies, explains, “In today’s regulatory environment financial institutions are required to implement strict rules for the protection of investors, ensuring that they receive appropriate guidance on, and warnings of, the risks associated with the investment strategies and the instruments proposed. Clients not only require a quantified measure of risk, they also need a breakdown that clearly identifies the source of the risk to which they are exposed. Odyssey’s new Portfolio Risk module enables private wealth management institutions to respond to these emerging requirements as it contains the best-of-breed portfolio risk analytics and is a powerful support tool for proactive risk-adjusted advice.”

Ivan Guérin, Senior Business Consultant, Fincell Consulting, adds, “As a wealth manager, I had always wanted an intuitive, yet robust tool that would let me quickly grasp how sensitive my portfolios were to market fluctuations. The Triple’A Plus Portfolio Risk module was developed with just that objective in mind and we are very enthusiastic about the result that was achieved.”

Vendor name: Odyssey Financial Technologies
Product type: Asset and Liability Management | Banking Systems | Portfolio Management | Risk Management | Wealth Management

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