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NICE Systems’ Enterprise Offering encompasses real-time speech analytics
Published on Jan 25, 2011

NICE Systems Ltd. introduced real-time speech analytics to its Enterprise offering. The new capability enables organizations to understand customer intent during the interaction with contact center agents, automatically providing the necessary insights and next-best-action recommendations to agents, for an immediate impact that benefits both the customer and the business.

NICE business solutions, now integrated with real-time speech analytics, enable organizations to address strategic business issues such as increasing revenues from inbound calls, improving customer loyalty and enhancing contact center efficiency. For example, real-time speech analytics can automatically identify a sales opportunity during the customer call by analyzing the content of the conversation and its context and then automatically deliver real-time guidance to the contact center agent on the best offer suited for the customer, and how to handle objections should they arise.

Michael Maoz, Research Vice President for Customer Strategies at Gartner:

“Contact centers are evolving into a strategic hub for businesses. After 20 years focused on efficiencies, customer service centers increasingly will bear the responsibility for customer loyalty and revenue generation. Real-time speech analytics is a technology that has been waiting for a market breakthrough. When fully integrated with customer-centric solutions, it will enable contact centers to realize their strategic business potential. Processes and measurement metrics will need to evolve for this to happen, but the value is clear: uncovering customer intent and gaining insights during the actual interaction enables organizations to deliver exactly what customers need in real time. This is the key to securing the customer relationship, improving satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately driving revenue growth.”

Udi Ziv, President of the NICE Enterprise Group:

“Impacting customer interactions in real time is a cornerstone of our vision for changing the way customers and organizations interact. We are proud to take our real-time offerings to the next level by integrating innovative real-time speech analytics to our cross-channel business solutions. This capability, combined with real-time next best-action guidance and cross-channel interaction analytics enables our customers to leverage our business solutions for unprecedented results in tackling their most strategic business issues.” *

Vendor name: NICE Systems Ltd
Product name: Enterprise
Product type: BPM | Business Intelligence | Client Management / Lead Providing | Communications | Compliance and Regulations | Connectivity | Consultancy | CRM | Custody / Back/Middle Office | Data | Data Distribution | Data Management | Document Management | Enterprise Maintenance Management | ERP | ERP for Services | HR | Integration | Reconciliation | Reporting | Voice Solutions

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