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MCB Bank Sri Lanka Selects SunGard’s Ambit Online Banking Solution to Launch New Internet Banking Services
Published on Nov 22, 2010

MCB Bank Sri Lanka (MCB), a major retail and corporate bank in Sri Lanka, has implemented SunGard’s
Ambit Online Banking solution to help it offer a secure and convenient channel for 24/7 banking services. SunGard’s Ambit Online Banking solution will help MCB become a well-managed bank by enhancing its client service and reducing operational costs.

As Sri Lanka’s economy continues to grow and become more dynamic, customers are looking for enhanced services from their banks. Ambit Online Banking gives MCB a secure online banking service that is able to facilitate a comprehensive set of transactions and offer more convenience to the bank’s retail and corporate customers. The solution can help increase the reach of the bank beyond the limitations of its standard banking hours and geographical presence. It also helps MCB to retain existing customers and attract new business by improving customer satisfaction across online channels. Using the internet banking channel effectively, will help the bank increase operational efficiencies and reduce transaction costs.

Muhammad Azam Naeem, vice president of operations IT at MCB Bank Sri Lanka, said, “The deployment of SunGard’s Ambit Online Banking solution is a major milestone for MCB Bank. Our customers are tech-savvy and with the launch of this new service, we are expecting to attract more such customers. MCB Bank Sri Lanka is committed to the highest standards of customer service, and to leveraging leading technology to better service our customers and make banking with us an enriching experience. We appreciate SunGard’s support in implementing this solution to our timelines.”

Dean Young, vice president of product management for SunGard’s Ambit Retail Banking business unit, said, “SunGard’s Ambit Online Banking solution will help MCB Bank to become what we call a “well-managed bank” by improving its services for retail and corporate customers through a real-time online channel. Designed around common banking processes, this is a single, cost-effective solution that enables maximum re-use of common services to help support the different Internet banking requirements of these customers. We believe MCB’s customers will find the transactions and services that Ambit online Banking offers very convenient and easy to use.”**

Mandate details
Provider SunGard
Client MCB Bank Sri Lanka
Mandate value n/a

Vendor name: SunGard
Buyer name: MCB Bank Sri Lanka (
Product name: Ambit Online Banking
Product type: Banking Systems | Online / Internet Banking | Retail | Retail Banking

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