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Ness Technologies Awarded Outsourcing Contract by Leumi Card
Published on Nov 15, 2010

Ness Technologies Inc., a global provider of information technology solutions and services, announced that it has been awarded a three-year outsourcing contract by Leumi Card, Israel’s second-largest credit company.

Ness will operate Leumi Card’s help desk center, located at Leumi Card’s headquarters in Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, serving approximately 1,800 of Leumi Card’s employees. In addition, Ness will provide field services to support Leumi Card’s IT systems. Ness will operate according to a service level agreement (SLA). As part of the contract, Ness will implement SysAid Technologies’ SysAid help desk and asset management platform, together with Consist Systems LTD, and will replace the existing system. Consist Systems represents SysAid Technologies in Israel.

“We selected Ness Technologies because of its proven track record in providing high quality outsourcing services, including outsourced help desk services,” said Asher Reshef, Executive VP of IT, Leumi Card. “As a large credit card issuer, we see customer service as the most important challenge for us, and it begins with a high internal service level. Smoothly functioning IT systems are an important component of the internal service level. We believe that Ness, through its best practices outsourcing model, will help us maintain our systems and improve the quality of our internal service level.”

“We are proud that we have been selected by Leumi Card, which is well known for the high quality service it provides to its customers and which it demands from its suppliers. Leumi Card’s decision is a testament to our high standards and we are committed to provide the best service,” said Effi Kotek, President of Ness Israel. “This new contract further positions Ness as a key provider of IT services to the financial sector.”**

Mandate details
Provider Ness Technologies
Client Leumi Card
Mandate value n/a

Vendor name: Ness Technologies
Buyer name: Leumi Card
Product type: Banking Systems | BPM / Outsourcing | Treasury Systems

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