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NCR’s APTRA eMarketing Solution Powers Up SHAZAM ATM
Published on Feb 25, 2011

SHAZAM, a technology and operations support provider to more than 1,500 financial institutions in 30 states, will begin offering advanced ATM marketing software from NCR Corporation. SHAZAM will offer its member banks and credit unions the ATM marketing and Preference Center modules of NCR’s APTRA eMarketing solution.

The ATM marketing module provides SHAZAM’s clients with a centralized and secure means to run personalized direct marketing programs to customers, seamlessly integrated with ATM transactions, enabling the same level of personalization as they get in the branch. For example, a bank could provide a targeted offer for a premium credit card at the ATM based on knowledge of the customer’s interests, preferences and profile.

The NCR APTRA eMarketing Preference Center works in conjunction with SHAZAM’s business software, CRM system and customer databases and provides consumers with a convenient online portal to set their communication preferences. The module enables SHAZAM’s members to deliver real-time, personalized and synchronized messaging across channels in line with their preferences, such as default language, fast cash amount and receipt options, all of which speeds up transaction times.

“Our members are increasingly looking to their ATM channel to improve customer experiences and increase revenue, while providing the same personalized offers and services offered in the branch. They are turning to us for best-in-class solutions to meet those needs, which is why we chose APTRA eMarketing,” said Dan Kramer, senior vice-president of marketing at SHAZAM. “NCR is well known for the quality of its ATMs. But we also found their software solutions to be some of the most advanced in the industry. NCR is thinking holistically about the customer experience and how banks can offer customers faster, more personalized service.”

Using a single orchestration engine that delivers integrated, relevant marketing campaigns based on consumers’ preferences across all channels, NCR APTRA eMarketing enables businesses to break digital and physical marketing silos, creating the seamless, personalized experience demanded by today’s on-the-go consumer. NCR also provides social media consulting services that help businesses create connections with their customers through CRM and social media. Response rates with APTRA eMarketing are typically 60 percent higher than traditional marketing programs.

“As financial institutions look to differentiate their products and services, extending and unifying digital and physical channels is essential in order to provide real-time and relevant offers across customer touchpoints,” said Michael O’Laughlin, senior vice president, NCR Financial Services. “NCR APTRA eMarketing lets financial institutions listen to their customers, take that knowledge and apply it to the next interaction.”***

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Product name: APTRA eMarketing
Product type: Budget | Cash Management | Communications | Compliance and Regulations | Connectivity | CRM | CRM Financial Software | Data | Integration | Payment Systems / ATM | Reconciliation | Reporting | SFA

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