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Motorola and Partners Plan Mobile Management Solution based on 3LM Android Enterprise Platform
Published on Feb 15, 2011

Three Laws Mobility, Inc. (3LM), a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility Holdings, Inc., in conjunction with HTC Corp., Sony Ericsson, Pantech Co. Ltd and Sharp Electronics Corp. (Sharp), announced plans to launch a complete end-to-end mobile management solution based on the 3LM Android enterprise platform.

3LM will offer the first mobile management solution for Android devices that supports all of the critical IT device policies commonly requested by businesses and governmental entities, and is designed to enable the adoption of Android devices among enterprise users by addressing ease, cost-of-management and security concerns of IT managers and chief information officers.

“We are extremely pleased to announce this series of partnerships that will significantly enhance the capabilities of Android devices for enterprise businesses,” said Tom Moss and Gaurav Mathur, co-founders of 3LM. “The 3LM solution was developed for three reasons: first, to enable next generation mobile devices such as tablets and phones to become the primary computing devices at enterprises, replacing laptops without sacrificing security or functionality; second, to help enterprises reduce IT costs while at the same time increasing user choice and satisfaction; and finally, to unleash innovation in enterprise applications and services.”

3LM, which was acquired in 2010 by Motorola Mobility, expects to launch its mobile device management services for enterprises in the second quarter of 2011, in conjunction with devices from Motorola Mobility, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Pantech, Sharp and additional Android original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that will leverage the 3LM platform.

“We are very excited that the 3LM solution, and this set of partners, will enable a broader set of customers to enjoy our Android products,” said Christy Wyatt, corporate vice president of software and services product management for Motorola Mobility. “3LM gives us access to an exciting new set of customers within the enterprise space that have a unique set of requirements.” ***

Vendor name: Motorola Mobility Holdings
Product type: Communications | Connectivity | Data | Enterprise Maintenance Management | ERP | ERP for Services | Integration | Reporting | Risk Management | Security / Firewall

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