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Misys Open Source Succeeds in Health Information Exchange
Published on Feb 10, 2011

Misys Open Source Solutions (“MOSS”), a division of Misys plc had succeeded in testing four critical Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) profiles needed to run a health information exchange (HIE).

The MOSS HIE is built to be compliant with existing national standards. The fundamental objective of Misys Connect™ Exchange platform (built in open source) is to provide an infrastructure to exchange patient health information in a secure and timely manner, in order to advance the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery. The platform is a critical element of the HIE infrastructure that provides clinicians and other members of the healthcare community with the right information at the right time by making patient information available across organizational boundaries. It facilitates and streamlines the sharing of patient information throughout an HIE community.

In this event, Connectathon certifiers reviewed and passed every profile MOSS has participated in, particularly the following core server side components required for running a standards based HIE.
Patient Identifier Cross-Reference and Patient Demographic Query (PIX v3 and PDQ v3)
Cross Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS Registry and Repository with XCA – Cross Community Access)
Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA)
Document Metadata Subscription Broker (DSUB)

All the MOSS components may be downloaded at the Open Health Tools forge through the MOSS website. The Misys Connect ™ Exchange, which is the collection of the open source assets, is the first fully open source exchange offered anywhere in the world. The software is offered under the commercially friendly Apache v. 2.0 license.

“This is MOSS’s 3rd year in the event.” said Konda Mullapudi, Director of Open Source Solutions – Healthcare. “This is phenomenal accomplishment. Our participation in the Connectathon reflects our on-going commitment to promoting Open Source innovation in healthcare and standards based interoperability. Collaborating with the worldwide technical community that collaborates in our project development and code contribution is key in moving our open source projects along and we are excited to get our entire open source stack (OpenPIXPDQ v3.0, OpenXDS, OpenDSUB and OpenATNA) certified by IHE at Connectathon.”

The MOSS suite of open source technology, which is standards-based, also provides the capability for local communities to share patient records with the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN). MOSS and its contributors have taken the complexity and cost out of the IHE equation by making it freely available to the industry. In addition, MOSS provides optional support and implementation services.

Gartner Research VP and Distinguished Analyst Wes Rishel published a Gartner Report on Dec. 15, 2010 entitled “Open-Source Resources for Health Information Exchange” (Gartner ID G00209590) in which MOSS was one of the evaluated companies developing open source exchange components. Mr. Rishel concludes, “Our examination of the OSS resources for HIE revealed a fertile set of OSS projects. Each is driven by a technology provider with a specific vision, yet collaboration is as likely as competition. This is a very positive finding for HIE, because HIE software is foremost about achieving interoperability.” ***

Source: Business Wire

Vendor name: Misys Open Source Solutions
Product name: Healthcare Enterprise
Product type: Communications | Compliance and Regulations | Connectivity | Data | Data Distribution | Data Management | ERP | ERP for Services | Healthcare | Infrastructure | Integration | Reporting

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