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Mays Chemical Improves Supply Chain Efficiencies with NTE
Published on Dec 20, 2010

NTE LLC, a specialist in Software as a Service (SaaS) supply chain technology solutions that improves efficiencies, announced it has been selected and deployed by Mays Chemical, a diverse chemical distributor, to provide integration internally, and improve connectivity and streamline communications with all its trading partners.

Mays Chemical has replaced its existing VAN solution with NTE’s B2B Collaboration – a flexible solution which can be customized to supply information in whatever form required to address a business partner’s unique data integration and collaboration needs.

Prior to the implementation of NTE’s B2B Collaboration solution, Mays Chemical utilized a VAN solution which was not only expensive, but provided low service. Additionally, Mays Chemical used a well-known integration and connectivity software solution, and an outside consultant, to deploy its trading partners. Within this framework, new trading partners were deployed at an unacceptable rate per quarter.

“In analyzing our current rate of deployment with our trading partners, in addition to the cost versus value of our current solutions, we knew we had to make some changes,” said Keith Dix, Manager of IT, Mays Chemical. “Our goal was to rapidly improve the efficiencies and technology of our solution, and in turn, improve communications and service with our trading partners.”

Since the implementation of NTE’s B2B Collaboration, Mays Chemical has successfully deployed several trading partners in a short period of time, automated manual processes, and became compliant with their customers.

“NTE is pleased with the value Mays Chemical has realized through the use of our technology solutions,” said Robert Rocque, chief executive officer of NTE. “We strive to continually meet the needs of customers to cost-effectively manage supply chains in an economic climate that demands enterprise wide efficiencies.”

Source: Business Wire

Mandate details
Provider NTE LLC
Client Mays Chemical
Mandate value n/a

Vendor name: NTE LLC
Buyer name: Mays Chemical
Product type: Connectivity | Healthcare | Infrastructure | Pharmacy Management | Supply Chain Management | Trading Systems

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