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Italian Agency Selects Teradata and SAS EDW
Published on Nov 26, 2010

INPS – Italy’s social security agency – has selected and implemented a combined Teradata and SAS enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and analytics system for healthcare-related fraud detection.

The new system includes software, hardware and services which will accommodate the organization’s growing requirements for visibility into detail data and analytical business insight, reduce costs and add efficiencies.

The Teradata data warehouse, combined with the SAS analytic solution, is critical in helping INPS and its many users analyze multiple terabytes of detailed data linked to millions of health insurance claims, patient experiences, doctors, hospitals, treatments, and procedures to answer complex questions and gain valuable insight into trends, costs and quality of care.

“Today’s business organizations are challenged to manage huge data volumes while optimizing their analytical capabilities,” said Hermann Wimmer, Teradata President for EMEA. “Innovative customer installations such as this one at INPS show that SAS and Teradata are delivering on the promise of in-database analytics, which is to give customers a flexible, powerful means for implementing advanced information management in one location.”

Wimmer added that organizations realize two critical benefits through Teradata’s partnership with SAS. “One is specific to business: Decision makers can be more agile and responsive to changing business needs by leveraging their data as a strategic corporate asset. The other is the IT advantage of standardizing on two market leaders for a single analytics and data warehousing platform,” he said.

“By utilizing the processing power of the Teradata Database and running SAS Analytics where the data resides, both partners are giving organizations like INPS an efficient and effective way to fully leverage their technology resources.”

“SAS is witnessing a growing interest from EMEA companies who want to lead with analytics,” said Marco Icardi, SAS Italy Country Manager. “The on-going collaboration between SAS and Teradata ensures that our joint customers can apply leading analytic solutions to their daily operations to remain competitive and continue to grow when many other companies are struggling – especially in a sector like Public Administration that is faced with the need for social innovation.” ***

Mandate details
Provider Teradata, SAS
Client INPS
Mandate value Undisclosed

Product name: enterprise data warehouse
Product type: Claims Management Systems | Connectivity | Data | Data Distribution | Data Management | Data Warehousing | ERP | ERP for Services | Healthcare | HR | Insurance | Integration | Reporting

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