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Infortrend to Revamp Product Families In 2011
Published on Feb 16, 2011

Infortrend(R), the networked storage expert, announced that it will focus on strengthening its existing product families in 2011 to meet growing storage demand in a wide range of application fields, including the media and broadcasting, manufacturing, education and financial sectors. Infortrend will enhance cooperation with solution partners and further improve its service and support network to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, Infortrend will closely monitor the growth of cloud computing and enhance its ability to offer solutions for this segment.

For the mid-range ESVA and entry-level EonStor DS families, Infortrend will focus on increasing performance to satisfy even more demanding applications. In addition, we are developing new form factors for the ESVA family and plan to roll out several products in the EonStor DS family to address specific needs in the market, such as remote replication in DAS environments, DC-power systems for telco applications and high-density solutions for extreme capacity needs.

New software features will enhance the efficiency of Infortrend’s hardware product families. Prominent among these software features in 2011 will be automated storage tiering and data de-duplication. Automated storage tiering will enable customers to optimise resource utilisation and improve data distribution within storage systems, while data de-duplication will significantly increase capacity utilisation by removing duplicated data.

Service and support are an essential part of Infortrend’s commitment to the customer. In 2011, we will enhance coordination among our global and regional service and support networks, ensuring that service requests are met quickly and efficiently, wherever you are in the world.

Thomas Kao, director of product planning at Infortrend, noted, “Customer satisfaction is our highest priority at Infortrend. In 2011, we are fully committed to strengthening our current product families with a number of exciting product upgrades and new models to address the needs of even more diverse market segments. We will also maintain and improve the excellent service levels Infortrend customers have grown accustomed to.” **

Vendor name: Infortrend
Product type: Infrastructure | Learning Management

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