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GPHA Deploys Xirrus’ Wi-Fi Arrays Across Kansas
Published on Sep 24, 2010

Xirrus®, the provider of High Performance Wi-Fi, announced that the Great Plains Health Alliance (GPHA) has deployed Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays throughout 20 Hospitals, 14 Clinics, and 5 offices across Kansas. This high performance Wi-Fi infrastructure is being used by GPHA’s health professionals for VOIP and an electronic medical record system to increase communications and productivity.

A central management system is crucial to GPHA as they need to manage and update over a hundred Arrays deployed across all of their hospitals and clinics. Xirrus provides this management ability and offers the best throughput with far fewer devices and cable runs – keeping GPHA on budget while delivering the best Wi-Fi experience possible for the healthcare facilities.

Kerry Kellerman, Network Manager at GPHA, explains why they choosed Xirrus for their healthcare facilities, “We have 20 hospitals that are implementing an electronic medical record system and so we needed an enterprise class wireless network throughout the facilities that could handle VOIP, bedside charting for the record system, and all of the hand-held devices that are now being used. I looked at several products and decided on Xirrus because of their ability to use less equipment to cover more area than their competitors. Another perk was the central management system offered by Xirrus that allows us to centrally manage the Arrays in all 20 facilities and push out updates to them.”

Kerry continues by describing the experience he had working with Xirrus, “Support has been great from Xirrus. First, they do an initial survey of the hospital to see how many Arrays are needed, and then they come back to do the install. We are a small company so we didn’t have the manpower to do the installs ourselves – that’s one of the reasons we went with Xirrus – the installation was done by experts at Xirrus so we knew it was going to be done right. They are friendly, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. It’s been a very positive experience working with Xirrus and I would definitely recommend them.”

Vendor name: Xirrus®
Buyer name: Great Plains Health Alliance
Product type: Connectivity | Healthcare | Infrastructure | Voice Solutions

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