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Fiserv Releases New Interface for APL
Published on Nov 10, 2010

Fiserv announced the release of OneView(SM), an enhanced user interface for APL(SM), the most widely used platform in the managed accounts industry, with more than 3.4 million accounts and 1 million unified managed account sleeves processed and managed daily. OneView is roles-based and brings workflow, exception reporting and simplicity to the APL platform.

The intuitive workflow and design of OneView significantly reduces the once steep learning curve for APL users. Due to its user-friendly presentation of data, OneView enables sponsors, money managers, overlay managers, advisors, outsourcers, banks and Turnkey Asset Management (TAMP) clients to more quickly and easily locate the information they are seeking as they are serving their investors. The new user interface sits on top of the powerful APL platform and keeps all client customizations intact, thereby requiring no client implementation. Filterable and flexible columns bring common data management techniques to the current, scalable APL data structure. Each view is also configurable by role, giving users the ability to define what data and views are most important to them.

“The OneView user interface is a landmark product enhancement, created to give our vast client base the ability to navigate our system day-to-day in a more streamlined, user-friendly way, with exception based views and dashboards to bring the most important data to the forefront,” said Cheryl Nash, senior vice president, Investment Services, Fiserv. “At a time when our clients are working harder than ever to assist their investors with strategies to achieve their goals, our APL platform has become more user-friendly so new and existing clients can learn quickly and navigate more easily than ever before.”

OneView’s design also makes use of familiar user experiences such as the ribbon menu bar that Microsoft(R) introduced with its 2007 Microsoft Office(R) suite. The solution’s new, logically categorized menu makes navigation easier and more fluid. In addition, for the first time in the managed account industry, the interface’s use of a “roles-based” technology enables businesses to group individual users into assigned groups based on job responsibilities.***

Vendor name: Fiserv
Product name: OneView
Product type: Accounting | Banking Systems | Data

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