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Workstream Communicator Version 7.0 ( Workstream Inc. )

Workstream Communicator 7.0 is a key component of the unified Talent Center 7.0 offering. In Communicator 7.0, users have a single view of all their talent management information: performance reviews, competency assessments, 360 assessments, compensation planning, and any other HR topic, – all unified in one application.

013 NetVision ( Elron Electronic Industries, Ltd. )

013 NetVision pioneered the Internet service in Israel and is currently one of the leading Internet service providers in the country, as well as the market leader for information security solutions for private and business customers.

1010data ( 1010data )

Organizations increasingly require quick, reliable analytic solutions to help make critical decisions that affect the bottom line. Yet most technical solutions are expensive, take a long time to bear fruit and, in light of ever-changing nature of business requirements, cannot anticipate and accommodate the questions that will be asked down the line. Some queries take hours or even days to complete, and new, unanticipated questions cannot be answered at all without significant technical development. There is even risk that the project will never be completed at all due to changing requirements and cost over-runs. In fact many businesses don’t even consider doing certain types of analysis since they are well aware of the risks.

20/20 Delivery ( AirVersent Corporate )

AirVersent`s 20/20 Delivery seamlessly integrates your back office operations with wireless, handheld, mobile computers to help you manage your customer service needs, reduce paperwork, monitor driver and vehicle productivity, and improve your communications.20⁄20 Delivery reliably connects drivers in the field to computer-based order entry, warehouse management, route optimization, accounting, and customer service systems in the back office. Drivers are dispatched with electronic manifests on mobile handheld computers, receiving detailed work orders and manifests at any location and communicating their collected data in real time.

20-20 Design ( 20-20 Technologies Inc. )

20-20 Design is CAD software that lets you design, plan and visualize kitchens and baths simply and easily with thousands of flexible manufacturer catalogs and stunning 3D renderings. Created specifically for the K&B; industry, its built-in rules ensure projects are on track and within industry-standard design guidelines from start to perfect finish.

20-20 Office Sales ( 20-20 Technologies Inc. )

20-20 Office Sales helps sales staff communicate more efficiently with both customers and internal resources through customized, photo-realistic presentations based on specific furniture needs. Quickly focus on exactly what customers want – and communicate the client’s vision to in-house design teams. Sales, design and other departments throughout the business use the same software and data. Data and project files are no longer out of sync or incompatible.

2300® Series Software Applications ( Lam Research Corp )

Lam Research offers a suite of software applications designed to improve the engineer’s ability to develop, optimize, and monitor processes, as well as monitor and maintain Lam Research equipment. By using these software tools, customers can realize higher system availability, reduced system maintenance costs, greater engineering efficiencies, and improved process performance.

3270 Pathway Software ( Clerity Solutions, Inc. )

With 3270 Pathway software from Clerity, programmers have the capability to concurrently access multiple back-end applications on numerous hosts and to integrate them together to present a single interface to end users.

360 Data ( Kingland systems )

Our experiences range from supporting the transactional and master data needs of broker/dealer operations to producing and managing global databases used for risk management and compliance. We are different from your typical data vendor, providing a custom approach for firms looking to improve or outsource their data operations. Specifically, our services are focused on implementing enterprise data management strategies, cleansing and managing securities masters, legal entity data, client, customer, or counterparty databases, corporate hierarchies, and cross-referencing identifiers and symbols.

360 View SmartPops ( inBusiness Services )

360 View SmartPops is an application monitoring software that can easily be installed on any workstation to monitor your web-based or desktop applications for customer unique information. Simply, you tell it what application and which fields within the application to monitor and it will do so in the background while you work.
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