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Compli platform adds new business process functions
Published on Jan 25, 2011


Compli®, the provider of HR and compliance management software, completed another set of key milestones in integrating critical business processes into the Compli platform.

Background checks and drug screenings, access to leading legal and accounting experts and premium regulatory advice are now available to all Compli customers. These milestones mark the next step for Compli’s clients in complete employee lifecycle management, from pre-hire to termination.

Completing timely, accurate background checks and drug screenings for all employees is critical for every organization. Compli customers are now able to seamlessly order background checks and drug screenings within Compli, thanks to a real-time integration with Abso, a Sterling Infosystems Company, one of the nation’s largest specialists in employment screening services.

Compli has been integrated with Abso’s Talent Edition™ for a number of years. Talent Edition™, part of Compli Recruit™, is a comprehensive recruiting and pre-hire application that puts the tools organizations need to acquire, screen, assess and onboard candidates at their fingertips, helping businesses streamline the entire hiring process.

Now, 100% of Compli’s customers, including those that are not Talent Edition™ customers, can realize process efficiencies by ordering background checks and drug screenings directly from Compli, as part of the pre-hire process or as part of ongoing regulatory compliance. Screening results are then electronically received and automatically integrated into an employee’s electronic personnel file and are time and date stamped, ensuring accuracy, convenience and consistency.

Compli now provides a “Partner Services Portal” for all of their customers. The “Partner Services Portal” seamlessly facilitates the connection of customers to critical business services provided through Compli’s comprehensive network of strategic service providers.

“Compli is dedicated to helping our customers realize productivity efficiencies throughout their organizations,” said Lon Leneve, President and CEO of Compli. “Administrative tasks consume an excessive amount of time and shortcuts can lead to an elevated level of exposure to risk. By helping organizations automate routine tasks, by integrating with critical business services that all of our customers need and use, and by bringing top service providers together in one location we help our customers realize efficiencies, optimize resources, increase their protection and enhance their profitability.” ***

Source: Business Wire

Vendor name: Compli®
Product name: Compli
Product type: BPM | BPM / Outsourcing | Business Intelligence | Communications | Compliance and Regulations | Connectivity | Data | Employee Benefits Claims | Employee Benefits Systems | ERP | HR | Infrastructure | Integration | Performance appraisal | Reporting

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