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Clear2Pay to Train Smart Card Payment Experts in Partnership with France’s Ensicaen
Published on Dec 06, 2010

Clear2Pay, the international technology provider of next generation payment solutions for financial institutions, announces it delivered an end-to-end payment processing solution for use in the educational program of Ensicaen, a France-based public higher education institution supervised by the French Ministry of Education and Research.

Student engineers will now be taught the ins and outs of smart card-based payments processing by using a genuine end-to-end solution that will enable them to truly master the challenges of EMV card payment technology. ENSICAEN is the world’s only higher education institution that has a grade in smart card payment technology and welcomes students from all over the globe to deliver best-in-class payment experts to the market.

The provided solution comprises Clear2Pay’s Jware JavaTM-based Open Card Switch solution including POS terminals and sample cards. The solution connects with the school’s Automated Teller Machine (ATM) network to enable payment transactions. Besides this newly installed solution, ENSICAEN already uses Clear2Pay’s Integri Test Tools in its educational program as well as a unique e-payment platform developed since 2006. Many graduates have joined Clear2Pay over the last years to start a successful career.

Jean de Crane, Chief Operations Officer at Clear2Pay says:”We are very proud to work with ENSICAEN to remodel their program and thus contribute to the advancement of the card payment industry. It’s also great to see that the Open Card Switch solution, that is part of our portfolio, is the work of engineers who graduated from ENSICAEN many years ago.”

Marc Pasquet, full professor in e-payment at ENSICAEN adds: “Being able to offer our students this hands-on approach to study electronic payments in all its facets, is simply a great asset for their future endeavours. Clear2Pay is obviously one of the true leaders in the payment technology sector and it really is a privilege to partner with such a skilled company with hands-on international experience at a wide range of financial institutions.”**

Vendor name: Clear2Pay
Product type: Banking Systems | Learning Management | Payment Systems / ATM | Point of Sale | Retail | Treasury Systems

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