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Cell C Launches fonYou’s Cloud Telephony Services Platform
Published on Jan 26, 2011

Recently, in Cape Town, South African operator Cell C announced the launch of its “MyTools” service – a custom-made version of fonYou’s innovative Cloud Telephony Service built on fonYou’s OMT-9000 technology platform.

Confirmation of the deployment is an important milestone for fonYou as it seeks to cement its position as a leader in the integration of Web 2.0 and mobile services.

The introduction of fonYou’s Cloud Telephony Services allows operators to offer their end customers over-the-top Web 2.0 services such as an online activity register, smart address book, advanced call control features or visual voicemail, accessible through web and mobile phone browsers as well as smartphone and Facebook applications.

Through these services, customers can finally take total control of their mobile number. Service features include the ability to blacklist unwanted calls or SMS, set up different voicemail greetings for different callers, manage contacts and messages online, forward voicemails as emails, or set up call forwarding services at different times of the day.

fonYou’s OMT-9000 is the only carrier-grade technology platform available today that enables mobile operators to compete with the new generation of aggressive, cloud-based models such as Google Voice, Skype or WhatsApp.

Fernando Núñez-Mendoza, CEO and co-founder of fonYou, said he believed the OMT-9000 platform would help mobile operators launch “sticky” services and protect their network investment by boosting customer retention.

“Operators need to build sticky services around their most valuable asset – network access. Our platform can help operators build valuable and popular services that are unique to that carrier and can form a key part of the concept of the “network as a service” [NaaS] business model,” he said.

Núñez-Mendoza explained that these services are designed for the Web 2.0 generation who are used to managing their finances, travel and shopping online and will now be able to do the same with their mobile accounts.

“Our platform gives the operator’s customers more control of their mobile service – who can call them and at what times, who is allowed to leave voicemails, or when is it appropriate to simply ask callers to send a text and not leave a message,” he said.

“These self-service features have all been tested on our own showcase operator in Spain and our customers love the control our service offers. We are confident they will be equally popular in South Africa, and with the other carriers that will launch fonYou’s cloud services this year,” says Núñez-Mendoza.**

Mandate details
Provider fonYou
Client Cell C
Mandate value n/a

Vendor name: fonYou
Buyer name: Cell C
Product name: MyTools
Product type: Banking Systems | Cloud Computing Solutions | Communications | Infrastructure | Online / Internet Banking | Payment Systems / ATM | Travel and Hospitality

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