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CaseWare RCM Inc.

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CaseWare RCM Inc.

CaseWare RCM Inc. is a software company providing solutions and services for continuously monitoring controls and risks across the enterprise. The company’s flagship product is the CaseWare™ Monitor, a sophisticated software framework that enables audit, risk and control professionals as well as management and business process owners to quickly and confidently monitor any number of business processes.

The resulting business process insight, complemented with proactive alerts, allow all stakeholders to quickly identify and resolve issues thereby decreasing risk levels, increasing regulatory compliance and optimizing the efficiency and revenue of business processes across the organization. CaseWare™ Monitor supports technical and non-technical, operational and management users in a common portal and does so across any business process in any system on any platform.

CaseWare™ Monitor’s success is evident in the many ways that organizations have chosen to implement the solution. Used in a wide variety of organizations ranging from Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Insurance, Law Enforcement to Governments. The solution has been used to effectively monitor business processes such as IT Security, Anti Money Laundering, Procurement, Payroll, Bill Verification and Health Insurance Fraud. CaseWare™ Monitor has proven to be versatile in all areas of the enterprise and customers continue to leverage the power of the framework with additional installations and implementations.

Global Focus

CaseWare RCM Inc. markets and sells its product line both directly and through a network of distributors/channel partners located around the world. Our partners are industry leading companies and knowledge experts who work with leading technologies in order to refine strategies and solutions in response to their client’s current and future needs.

CaseWare RCM Inc. Distribution Channels offer coverage in the Americas, Europe, Australia, India, the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean.


CaseWare Monitor


Company type Corporation
Annual turnover undisclosed
Number of Customers Total Global Reach
Number of Employees undisclosed
Inception 2006
Geographical coverage Global


Country Canada Canada
Address line 1420 Blair Place, , Ottawa, Ontario, K1J 9L8
Telephone (with country code) (613) 842 7920 ext.712
Fax (613) 842 9475
Web address
E-mail address [email protected]


Country Canada Canada
Contact name Sales Support
Telephone number (613) 842 7920 ext.712
Fax (613) 842 9475
Email Address [email protected]

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