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Axcess Canada Inc.

Provider Description:

Axcess Canada Inc.

Axcess Canada together with our global partners Axcess Americas ( in the US and Axcess Consulting Pty Ltd ( in Australia provide financial institutions internationally with a complete financial product management solution that is totally flexible and product agnostic from a development and optimization perspective.

ARMnet Integrated Banking Software technology can be used throughout the origination decisioning process and across all lines of financial services products, such as:

* Prime or Sub-Prime Mortgage Origination and Servicing,
* Payday Loans or Cash Advance Loans
* Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC),
* Open or Closed Loop Debit or Credit Cards, Prepaid MasterCard Programs
* Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Loan Products
* Prime or Sub-Prime Auto Loans,
* Yellow Iron Equipment Loans or Leases,
* GIC or Term Deposits Products
* Investment or Wealth Management

It also automates critical decisions, such as pre-qualification processes, underwriting, pricing, deal structuring, cross-selling, best execution practices, credit scoring, risk grading and compliance procedures.
Whether the financial need is Retail, Commercial or Agricultural in nature and the product is wealth management, term deposit or loan origination or administration in nature, ARMnet Financial Product Management Software can provide the total solution.

All product development is done through workflow configuration mapping using the expertise of a Business Analyst. This is done without the need for any programmer intervention.

At Axcess Canada, we see many different types of institutions benefiting from this technology in either a traditional “bricks and mortar” or a “virtual web based” corporate environment including:

– Retail, Commercial or Agricultural Banking Institutions
– Credit Unions
– Trust Companies
– Equipment or Vehicle Financing or Leasing Firms
– Dealer Financing Institutions
– White Label Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Firms
– Residential or Commercial Mortgage Origination and Servicing Firms
– Microfinance Banking Institutions
– Payday Lending or Cash Advance Firms

Build on a CRM foundation this solution provides a full end to end customer centric solution including integrated document management and a dynamically integrated web portal. One Client Information File (CIF) supports multiple product lines from origination, through servicing to discharge. For further information contact us today for a no obligation demonstration.


ARMnet Integrated Banking Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
ARMnet Financial Software


Company type Corporation
Annual turnover $2-10 M
Number of Customers Total 45
Number of Employees undisclosed
Inception 2007
Specific geographical coverage Australia , Canada , New Zealand , Spain , United Kingdom , United States
Geographical coverage Global


Country Canada Canada
Address line 922 Cedarpointe Court,, , Collingwood, ON, L9Y 5C7
Telephone (with country code) 1-705-719-5660
Fax 1-866-285-7879
Web address
E-mail address [email protected]


Country Canada Canada
Contact name General Enquiry
Contact Job Title General Enquiry
Contact address 922 Cedarpointe Court, Collingwood, ON, L9Y 5C7 ,Canada
Telephone number 1-705-719-5660
Fax 1-866-285-7879
Email Address [email protected]


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