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SunGard – AvantGard Quantum

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  • Product Description:

    AvantGard Quantum brings together a range of disparate data sources and information into a single, customizable desktop, offering a one-touch, real-time snapshot of the global risk position.

  • Reporting Capabilities:

    AvantGard Quantum is a highly sophisticated treasury solution that provides: * Robust cash management * Debt and investment management, including medium-term liquidity management, multiple funds or portfolios and formal borrowing facilities * Interest rate management, including modeling funding scenarios and a range of interest rate derivatives transactions for both hedging and funding requirements * Currency management, including extensive currency transaction management, enabling an enterprise to cover specific FX needs or more complex medium-term currency hedging requirements * In-house banking and shared services

  • Workflow Capabilities:

    AvantGard`s core features include: Cash Management: bank communication and account reconciliation, cash forecasting, cash position management tools, ad hoc payments and receipts, tiered bank accounts and interest rate structures, lockbox support, system interfacing to ERP, A/R and A/P, cash pooling and sweeping (zero balancing) Debt and Investment Management: short-term cash / money market funds, CP, CDs and other discounted securities, mutual funds, various bond and other debt instruments, fees on debt facilities, rate feed interface, revaluation of instruments using NPV or market prices, integration with STN Money Markets dealing platform, flexible reporting and inquiries on debt / investment Currency Management: integration with business unit exposures via Web browser input, integration with external FX dealing platforms, full valuation and transaction management of FX spot, forward, swaps, options, extensions and pre-deliveries, monitoring changes in portfolios due to FX rate movements, volatilities or underlying exposures, full tracking, reporting and management of dealing for FAS 133 and IAS 39 standards Process and Security Controls: Sarbanes-Oxley related security / dual administration audits

  • Country Regulations Incorporated:



LOANET Global One


Country United States United States
Contact name Suzanne DeFruscio
Contact job Title Corporate Communications
Telephone number 484-582-5580
Email address [email protected]
Mailing address 680 East Swedesford Rd Wayne, PA 19087 USA

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