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Avectra Launches Moneris Integration and Tax Computation for Canadian netFORUM Association Software Users
Published on Nov 30, 2010

Avectra, the industry’s association management software innovator, now offers new services for the company’s Canada-based customers. Introduced in the most recent release of netFORUM Team and netFORUM Pro, Canadian customers can now perform computations for value added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST) and/or harmonized sales tax (HST) as well as process credit card transactions through Moneris Solutions, the payment processor in Canada.

In addition to these product developments, Avectra also operates data hosting services in a “Class A” data center in Toronto that helps Canadian associations comply with PIPEDA laws.

“We have been received enthusiastically by our Canadian customers and prospects looking for a top-of-the-line membership management system that not only adheres to the unique requirements of the Canadian market, but also successfully manages their association and members with a rich combination of integrated membership, e-Marketing, e-Commerce and social community features,” said Patrick Dorsey, vice president of marketing for Avectra. “In addition to Avectra’s premier-level, Canada based data hosting operations, our integration with Moneris and VAT/GST/HST computations deliver the essential capabilities Canadian associations need to manage their organisations and serve their members.”

Avectra customers with Moneris accounts can now set up their netFORUM association management software to process credit card transactions directly within the system. This integration enables associations to offer one-stop e-Commerce for dues payment as well as the ability to sell products online through the association website. In addition to Moneris, netFORUM Team and Pro also integrates with PayPal and for payment processing.

With the recent software update to netFORUM, Canadian associations can also specify and track sales tax for memberships, certifications, donations, merchandise and events. netFORUM’s tax tracking takes into consideration the Harmonized Sales Tax rules that enable applicable taxes based on the member’s province.

“Our investment in state-of-the-art data facilities and functionality specifically for this market means Avectra provides more than just a PIPEDA compliant, reliable service for our Canadian member-based customers. It means there is a more efficient and successful way for Canadian associations to manage their business and their members,” said Dorsey.**

Vendor name: Avectra
Product type: Accounting | Banking Systems | Online / Internet Banking | Payment Systems / ATM

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