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AppExtremes’ Conga Composer Integrated with Salesforce Content Library
Published on Nov 19, 2010

AppExtremes, Inc., developer of Conga Composer for Salesforce, announced their Winter ’11 release which includes Automated Scheduling, tight integration with the Salesforce Content Library, multiple enhancements for PowerPoint output and support for DocuSign and Sertifi e-signature solutions.

Automated Scheduling complements Conga Composer’s batch processing add-on introduced during Dreamforce ’09. Now, repetitive operations like executive report generation or monthly invoicing can be set up to run on a set schedule, using all of the power of Conga Composer to create and distribute sophisticated documents, reports and presentations.

“With a single click, Conga Composer saved us the four hours we used to spend generating and distributing a weekly management report, and with the new scheduling option we don’t have to lift a finger – they receive it automatically,” said Jane Isaac, Director of Sales Operations, N.A. for Open Solutions, Inc. “Plus, senior management prefers their reports in PowerPoint, which until now meant lots of copy-and-paste screen shots from Excel. With the new release, we can embed Excel charts in the slides and the data is seamlessly added for a fully-finished presentation.”

“Our customers wanted to integrate data sheets, price lists and even templates stored in Salesforce Content Library as part of Conga Composer solutions,” said Michael Markham, AppExtremes CTO. “At the same time, they’re concerned about storage costs, but still need to archive proposals, contracts and other output created with our solutions, and this release allows them to do that in Salesforce Content Library, rather than as attachments under the Notes & Attachments related list.” ***

Source: Business Wire

Vendor name: AppExtremes Inc
Product name: Conga Composer
Product type: Communications | Connectivity | CRM | CRM Financial Software | Data | Data Distribution | Data Management | Document Management | ERP | Integration | Needs Analysis / Sales Illustrations | Reporting

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