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7 Degrees Enhances PeopleMaps Relationship Tool
Published on Feb 25, 2011

7 Degrees, provider of the PeopleMaps social network analysis and business relationship tool, announced a major upgrade to the powerful PeopleMaps application.

PeopleMaps helps users leverage the collective relationships of individuals, teams and entire companies, combined with the world’s largest social graph of nearly a billion relationships, to show users how they are connected to any other person or company and to help them discover relevant relationships they weren’t aware of.

“Every sales and recruiting professional is looking for competitive advantages to increase their productivity and help them close more business faster,” said Tim Sheehan, CEO of 7 Degrees. “The new version of PeopleMaps gives business professionals even greater ability to maximize their relationships to find the very best ways to achieve every desired connection and strategic relationship.”

Key enhancements include:

Increased Speed: the new version of PeopleMaps is 10 times faster, making search results virtually instantaneous
Show All Connection Paths: PeopleMaps now shows all relationship paths, allowing a user to see the connections and paths through their own immediate networks as well as the networks of their colleagues, further increasing the likelihood of finding warm introductions to key targets
Organization’s Best Path: PeopleMaps makes it much easier for you and your co-workers to see your organization’s overall best path to each lead, account, contact and opportunity. This feature scores all leads and paths of the entire team or organization to produce the best possible connections for the organization as a whole.

“PeopleMaps helps professionals get warm introductions to the people and companies they wish to reach more effectively than ever before,” Sheehan continued. “It creates a visual map that clearly and accurately provides the avenues and the relationships that can produce the warm introductions that are critical to creating new associations and closing new sales.” ***

Source: Business Wire

Vendor name: 7 Degrees
Product name: PeopleMaps
Product type: BPM | Communications | Connectivity | Data | Enterprise Maintenance Management | HR | HRMS | Infrastructure | Integration | Management Support | Reconciliation | Reporting

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